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2009 Schedule 

Date Time Location Event Results
April-26-14 11:00AM Mason City,Ia Earth Day Results
May-17-14 11:00AM Spring Grove,Mn Syttende Mai Results
May-17-14 5:00PM Preston,Mn Trout Days Results
June-07-14 7:00PM Waterville,Mn Bullhead Days Results
June-07-14 1:30PM Renwick,Ia Donkey Daze Results
June-08-14 1:00PM St Francis,Mn Pioneer Days Results
June-11-14 6:00PM Winona,Mn Steamboat Days Results
June-14-14 11:00AM Albertville,Mn Friendly City Days Results
June-14-14 6:00PM Goodhue,Mn Volksfest Results
June-14-14 1:30PM Chester,Ia Old Settlers Day Results
June-14-14 6:00PM Mason City,Ia Relay For Life Results
June-19-14 6:00PM Cottage Grove,Mn Strawberry Fest Results
June-20-14 7:00PM Alden,Mn Morin Lake Days Results
June-21-14 1:30PM Klemme,Ia Quasquicentennial Results
June-21-14 5:30PM Hanlontown,Ia Sundown Day Results
June-21-14 1:30PM Forest City,Ia Bash on the Farm Results
June-21-14 11:00AM Belle Plaine,Mn German Days(NEW) Results
June-28-14 11:00AM Mason City,Ia Cannonball Day Results
June-28-14 12:00PM Emmons,Mn Borderfest Results
June-28-14 10:00 AM Mantorville,Mn Stagecoach Daze Results
June-28-14 2:00PM Henderson,Mn Sauerkraut Days Results
June-28-14 5:30PM Ellendale,Mn Ellendale Days Results
June-28-14 3:30PM Grand Meadow,Mn Meadowfest Results
June-28-14 3:00PM Cresco,Ia Howard Co Fair Results
June-28-14 6:00PM Ogden,Ia Fun Days Results
June-29-14 3:00PM Big Lake,Mn Spudfest Results
June-29-14 12:00PM Blaine,Mn Blaine Festival(New) Results
June-29-14 1:00PM Lewiston,Mn Heartland Days Results
July-03-14 12:00PM Belmond,Ia 4th of July Results
July-03-14 5:00PM Austin,Mn FreedomFest Results
July-03-14 4:30PM Blooming Prairie,Mn Old Fashioned 4th of July(NEW) Results
July-03-14 10:00AM Cannon Falls,Mn Cannon Valley Fair Results
July-04-14 5:00PM Veseli,Mn Lions 4th of July Results
July-04-14 12:00PM Dover,Mn 4th of July(New) Results
July-04-14 9:00AM Eitzen,Mn Eitzen Family Fun Fest Results
July-04-14 2:00PM Buffalo Center,Ia 4th of July Results
July-04-14 6:00PM Crystal Lake,Ia Bullhead Days Results
July-04-14 11:00 AM Scarville,Ia 4th of July Results
July-05-14 9:00AM Rockwell,Ia North Ia Nationals Results
July-06-14 12:30PM Elysian,Mn 4th of July Results
July-08-14 5:30PM Lakeville,Mn PAN-O-PROG Results
July-11-14 4:30PM Garner,Ia Duesey Days Results
July-12-14 11:00AM Winthrop,Mn Farm City Fun Fest(NEW) Results
July-12-14 11:00AM Danube,Mn Danube Fun Days Results
July-12-14 3:30PM Lake Mills,Ia July Jubilee Results
July-12-14 5:00PM Proctor,Mn So St Louis Co Fair Results
July-12-14 10:00AM St Charles,Mn Winona Co Fair(New) Results
July-13-14 4:00PM Eagle Grove,Ia Wright Co Fair Results
July-16-14 6:00PM Faribault,Mn Rice Co Fair Results
July-17-14 5:30PM Waseca,Mn Waseca Co Fair Results
July-17-14 7:00PM West Salem,Wisc. Lacrosse Interstate Fair Results
July-18-14 5:00PM Charles City,Ia Floyd Co Fair Results
July-19-14 5:00PM Grafton,Ia Turkey Days Results
July-19-14 10:00AM LeRoy,Mn Summerfest Results
July-19-14 9:30AM Rushford,Mn Rushford Days Results
July-19-14 5:00PM Thompson,Ia Winnebago Co Fair Results
July-19-14 1:00PM Elma,Ia Old Roundhouse Trail Days Results
July-19-14 12:00PM Forest City,Ia Puckerbrush Days Results
July-19-14 1:15PM Spring Valley,Mn Root River Power Show Results
July-19-14 4:00PM Royal,Ia Fun Days(NEW) Results
July-20-14 12:30PM Rice,Mn Summerfest Results
July-20-14 12:00PM Freeport,Mn Sacred Heart Parish Festival Results
July-20-14 11:30AM Boone,Ia Boone Co Fair Results
July-24-14 6:00PM Rochester,Mn Olmsted Co Fair Results
July-25-14 5:00PM Princeton,Mn Block Party Results
July-25-14 4:00PM Houston,Mn Houston Hoedown Results
July-26-14 1:30PM Sioux Rapids,Ia Tall Corn Days Results
July-26-14 12:00PM Montgomery,Mn Kolacky Days Results
July-26-14 3:00PM Wabasha,Mn Riverboat Days Results
July-26-14 3:00PM Britt,Ia Hancock Co Fair Results
July-26-14 11:00AM Joice,Ia Think Joice Days Results
July-27-14 11:00AM Ostrander,Mn Uff-Da Days Results
July-27-14 12:00PM Lourdes,Ia Steeple Day Results
August-02-14 3:00PM Albany,Mn Heritage Days(NEW) Results
August-02-14 4:30PM Riceville,Ia Wapsi Days Results
August-02-14 9:00AM Shakopee,Mn Derby Days Results
August-02-14 10:00AM Lake Elmo,Mn Washington Co Fair Results
August-02-14 12:00PM Claremont,Mn Hogfest Results
August-02-14 10:00AM Winnebago,Mn MotoFest(NEW) Results
August-05-14 6:30PM Greanleafton,Mn National Night Out Results
August-05-14 10:30AM Farmington,Mn Dakota Co Fair(Daycare) Results
August-05-14 5:00PM Farmington,Mn Dakota Co Fair Results
August-05-14 6:00PM Mason City,Ia National Night Out Results
August-07-14 2:00PM Princeton,Mn Mille Lacs Co Fair Results
August-08-14 6:00PM Tripoli,Ia Tripoli Days(NEW) Results
August-09-14 2:30PM Lime Springs,Ia Sweetcorn Days Results
August-09-14 11;00AM Fertile,Ia Fertile Fun Days Results
August-09-14 10:00AM Lonsdale,Mn Community Days Results
August-09-14 3:30PM Britt,Ia Hobo Days Results
August-09-14 11:00AM Traer,Ia Winding Stairs Fest(New) Results
August-09-14 11:00AM Kasson,Mn Festival In The Park Results
August-10-14 2:00PM Austin,Mn Mower Co Fair Results
August-10-14 1:00PM Osage,Ia Historical Power Show Results
August-10-14 12:00PM Chatfield,Mn Western Days Results
August-14-14 2:00PM Grand Rapids,Mn Itasca Co Fair Results
August-15-14 4:00PM Owatanna,Mn Steele Co Fair Results
August-16-14 3:00PM Spring Valley,Mn Ag Days(New) Results
August-16-14 10:00AM Kenyon,Mn Rosefest Results
August-16-14 3:00PM Rock Falls,Ia Fun Days Results
August-16-14 10:00AM Wells,Mn Kernel Days Results
August-17-14 3:30PM NowThen,Mn NowThen Threshing Show Results
August-17-14 12:00PM Protivin,Ia Czech Days Results
August-17-14 10:00AM Caledonia,Mn Houston Co Fair Results
August-22-14 7:00PM Johnston,Ia Grillin & Chillin Birthday Bash(NEW) Results
August-23-14 2:00PM Manly,Ia Railroad Ag Days Results
August-23-14 5:30PM New Hampton,Ia Holy Family Fall Festival Results
August-23-14 3:00PM LeSueur,Mn Pioneer Power Results
August-24-14 10:00AM St Charles,Mn Gladiolus Days Results
August-30-14 2:00PM Dundas,Mn Rice Steam & Gas Show Results
August-30-14 10:00AM Mercer,Mo Mercer Homecoming Results
September-01-14 1:30PM Kanawha,Ia Labor Day Celebration Results
September-04-14 5:30PM Northfield,Mn Defeat of Jesse James Results
September-06-14 9:00AM Hutchinson,Mn Mn State Pedal Pull Results
September-06-14 9:00AM Marshalltown,Ia Ia State Pedal Pull Results
September-07-14 3:30PM Kellogg,Mn Watermelon Festival Results
September-11-14 5:00PM Spencer,Ia Clay Co Fair Results
September-13-14 3:30PM Mapleton,Mn Country Time Praise & Thanks Results
September-20-14 11:00AM Granger,Ia Granger Days Results
September-20-14 3:00PM Princeton,MO Calamity Jane Days Results
September-20-14 12:00PM Stewartville,Mn Fall Festival Results
September-21-14 2:00PM Elk River,Mn St Andrew Fall Festival(New) Results
September-27-14 12:30PM Freeport,Mn Freeport Fall Festival Results
September-27-14 1:00PM Wykoff.Mn Wykoff Fall Fest(New) Results
September-28-14 2:00PM Lake City,Mn Corn Shredding Autumn Harvest Results
September-28-14 1:00PM Maple Lake,Mn St. Timothy's Fall Fest Results
October-04-14 1:00 pm Lake City, Mn Johnny Appleseed Festival Results
November-22-14 11:00AM Mason City,Ia Farm & City Event Results